Joyful Java is a family owned cafe built to serve as a second home to our community. With comfortable couches, community tables, a shared library, free boardgames, fresh food and local treats, we are beyond excited to share our space with you! 





Joyful Java is extremely proud to make our meals fresh in house every day. From sandwiches and salads to daily meal specials, love and soul is put into every wholesome meal we serve. Joyful Java also partners with amazing Calgary businesses to round out our menu, including local startups like Calgary Heritage Roasting Co, True Buch Kombucha, Little Tucker, Wild & Raw, and so much more! 


Community First


Nothing is more important to us then our local community, offering a safe and cozy environment for the entire family. With a share library, community tables, board games, colouring books, activity sheets, we believe a cafe should be an environment in which everyone is allowed to come together. 

Our affordable shared rental spaces allow local entrepreneurs, community leaders and Calgary families a place to meet, grow and collaborate. It is our goal to act as a hub of good vibes and big dreams!


The Little Guy


There is nothing we love more than challenging status quo, to be the little guy that made it, even when it just doesn't make sense. Joyful Java is the dream cafe of two Families who wanted to offer a space where other families felt safe in hanging out, a space where everyone knows each others name and most importantly, a space where smiles are never in short supply. 

Welcome to our Joyful Java